Dear Devin,

You are one of my biggest heroes. I did a basketball clinic in fourth grade not expecting anything to come out of it, just to play and be around my friends. I wasn’t anything special from the rest of the people there, in fact I was probably worse. When we did shooting drills, I air balled almost every three I took. I jumped up for joy when I made a shot. I couldn’t even compete. After the last day, I went up to you and said thank you. Out of pure instinct, I walked over, thanked you for the clinic, and you asked me for my mom’s email. Me? You asked me for my mom’s email? I could’ve sworn I was the worst kid there. I was god awful, but you asked me if I wanted to be on your club team. I went to the first practice and was destroyed by everyone there. But over a few times, I started improving drastically. You got me so much better and made me able to compete. I started playing tournaments, and even though I didn’t play much, it was something. I was grateful for even a chance to play with

You are my Hero!


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