Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Hero is a simple idea to honor the Heroes in our lives. It feels good to say thank you.  And it feels good to be thanked. DH is a way for all of us to say thank you to our Heroes.

No problem. You can still submit letters even if you don’t know your Hero’s email address. We obviously won’t be able to send an email to your Hero but she/he can still read your letter on this website.

It’s simple.  You click here to write a letter to your Hero.  Even better if you add a photo to make your message more personable.  When you hit submit, we publish your letter to this website.  If you include your Hero’s email address, we’ll send your Hero an email with a link to your letter.

Yes. You can write and submit as many letters as you’d like.

If you would like to add a picture to a letter that has already been submitted, please email your picture to Please include a link to your letter or provide a description of your letter.

I had heart surgery when I was 6 years old.  After my heart surgery, my mom encouraged me to write a thank you letter to my surgeon, Dr. Zahn. I was shy and embarrassed but I did it anyway. I was surprised by how much Dr. Zahn appreciated it. He hung the picture in his office and we’ve stayed close ever since.  I now realize how good it feels to say thank you. I created this website to encourage more people to thank their Heroes.

We are currently not set up for text messaging. We may add this feature in the future.

No, Dear Hero is free. We set up this website to encourage people to thank the Heroes in our lives. We do not ask for any money or make any money.   

We love hearing from you.  If you have ideas, suggestions, collaborations, complaints, or want to talk for any other reason, please email us at

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