Dear Jeff and Doris,

I have been encouraged by you, uplifted by you, inspired by you…Because of who you are in season and out of season, you live your lives honoring the Lord our God with reckless abandon. You shower God’s love on everyone you come across. Your care for others is boundless and infectious. I am so very grateful to you both for your example of godliness. Jeff and Doris, I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with you and watched you from afar. Your commitment in serving others is so authentic, so real that others can’t help but want to join in and follow. From handing out free wheelchairs to people who’ve been on the ground to handing out hugs to Rave kids who have lost their way, you two give of yourselves from the abundance God has given to you. I’m so very grateful to call you both my friends and my hero’s. I love you both.

You are my Hero!

Love, Scott

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