Dear LeBron,

LeBron you gave me more than just a love for a hoop and ball. You gave me a lifestyle. A way to escape the bad things in life and take it out on the court, but it wasn’t the stuff that you did on the court it was the stuff that you did off. When promised school to your community you taught me that you should never forget where you come from, and always remember the people that brought you up. You also showed me that you should never let yourself up when your down always keep your head up and keep going at it. When you were down 3-1 in the finals you didn’t let the bad thoughts get to you. You woke up the next morning and kept grinding for it. You taught me that nothing comes to you without work. We all have disadvantages in this game, but it’s not about quitting because you might not be the tallest or strongest one on your team. You have to keep grinding for it. Like you said you were the chosen one. There might have been moments in mine or yours games when your down big, and want to hang your hat and call it a day. You taught me that in order to succeed failing can’t be a option, but you have to learn from your mistakes. You taught me that the best way to succeed is to experience failure. When you lose sometimes you look at some things and say that that’s fine where it is or it needs no work. You didn’t teach me that though. You taught me that there is always something in your game you can improve. Most of all you taught me the job will never be finished. There is always something more to strive for. Thank You

You are my Hero!

– Will

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