Dear Leo,

You have always been a proud and loyal American. Your career started as a school teacher, then went on to be a brilliant civil rights lawyer. For 30 years, you have fought faithfully and lawfully to protect the civil rights of our black brothers and sisters. I am white and the color of skin as Martin Luther King said does not define anything, it is the content of character that matters.Leo, you have never backed away fighting for civil rights no matter the threats put in your path.
Here you are once again, standing up for America and guiding us all on the correct path to upgrade our futures. Standing up for better education choice, parents should nurture their children to look to the future and not the past, we are free, not victims and can accomplish bettering our status by working hard.
Leo, you have been very outspoken how you feel on what is happening in America, getting threats and losing friends has not deterred you from speaking out. I hope other leaders will follow and help.

You are my Hero!


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