Dear Lynne,

Our 50 year friendship began in London my home town but then I moved to yours, Philadelphia, where this special friendship was cemented. You and Jers became godparents to my youngest son and on that day you put your handbag on the top of your car and forgot all about it never to be found again.
Yes, we have shared funny times, sad times, important holidays, travel, dreams, disasters, births and marriages. You’ve mentored me, I’ve counseled you, we have shared so much together.
You are a highly successful business woman and a philanthropist. Your commitment to Jers and support of him in his Struggle needs to be acknowledged x10. He’s a light beyond his realm but you are the one who is so often neglected in acknowledgement. Your sustaining of home and work life is to be marveled. Your strength and courage is admired and seeing your devotion I’m so proud to be your friend. We try to talk on Wednesdays and so my friend, today, Wednesday July 8th I send my Love

You are my Hero!


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