Dear Vanessa and Natalia,

I marvel at the strength you guys have shown these past few months. Everyday I wake up thinking about you guys and everything you face. You are strong, courageous, amazing, brave, beautiful women. Your strength and determination to go through each day is remarkable. I truly marvel at your strength. I pray for u each day hoping things will get better. I know they will though. Kobe and Gigi are watching you guys from a better place. Now they can be with you forever and keep you safe. They have joined God and his angels and are up there playing in heavens’ team. They’re teaching the angels how to play and all their moves. I know you guys have had many important occasions without them but there with you to celebrate. We will help you celebrate them instead of mourning them. Gigi will always watch over you and she will be heaven’s best player. We miss them all but we know we don’t feel the pain as heavy as you. So many fans love and support you. Always remember to celebrate life. Love you!

You are my Hero!

A Fan

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