Dear Robert,

Our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 9. For years, she struggled to keep her blood sugars stable, but her body was punished – she endured several complications, but kidney failure was the scariest. Luckily she got a transplant (a kidney and pancreas – which meant she no longer was Diabetic and no longer need to blood test 8-10 times daily) from a deceased donor. Unfortunately that kidney rejected after 5 years and we were told a living donor would be a better option. Many family and friends came forward to be tested to no avail, when our hero suddenly appeared. He knew our daughter needed a kidney. He not only offered, he was determined to be her donor. He went through all the tests, constantly pushed the transplant center for the next step. He told us he knew he was meant to do this. Our daughter now has a wonderful strong kidney and we now have a brand new son.
Robert – you are a hero to everyone who know

You are my Hero!

Love Rita and Stan

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