Dear Stan,

Unfortunately, we’ve had our share of life’s difficulties –losing three of our four parents in their 60’s, losing my aunt (who was like a second mother) at 54, or dealing with financial distress. Then there are the major difficulties we were faced with.

I don’t know how anyone faces life’s adversities without a strong, caring, loving, calming person at their side. At times I felt I could no longer “deal,” times I truly lost it and you took the brunt, times I just slept for days and wouldn’t/couldn’t face any more – through it all, you held my hand, kissed my face, stroked by back, and calmly talked and never gave up, never lost patience. 

Family is primary in my heart and my life –from day one, you were a fabulous father, involved in our children’s lives, a wonderful communicator and you have strived to teach our daughters to always express their thoughts and feelings. You always encouraged them to face difficult situations head on and know that we’re there to support them. You’re the same involved, loving person with our grandchildren who all consider you their “best friend.” 

You are my Hero!


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